MATH 416: Abstract Linear Algebra

Instructor: Felix Leditzky (<mylastname>
Meeting times (Fall 2021):
Section X13/X14: Mon, Wed, Fri 12:00-12:50, 1066 Lincoln Hall.
Section E13/E14: Mon, Wed, Fri 1:00-1:50, 245 Altgeld Hall.
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Office hours: Wed, 3-4pm, 341 Altgeld Hall.

Course information

Welcome to my class MATH 416 Abstract Linear Algebra! In this course we will study the structure of vector spaces and linear maps between vector spaces. Please see the Table of contents below for a detailed list of topics that we will cover.

Enrolled students: We will use Canvas for handing in homework and taking the quizzes before each lecture. Please make sure that you have access to the Canvas course website; otherwise, please contact me.


The class follows the "flipped classroom" paradigm: I will make pre-recorded lectures of the course material available on this website. You are supposed to watch them at home, and take a short quiz about the lecture before class starts. In class we will answer your questions about the material and solve additional problems in group work.

Grading policy

In order to accommodate unforeseen circumstances that might prevent you from keeping up with the class, I will drop the three lowest homework scores, the three lowest quiz scores, and the lowest of the three midterm exam scores.


Homework will be assigned every Thursday of class (except November 25 and December 2), and has to be handed in via Canvas by the following Thursday.

Midterms and final exam

Code of conduct

I am dedicated to providing an inclusive and safe classroom experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion. I will not tolerate harassment and discriminating or disrespectful behavior between any classroom participants (including myself) in any form, whether in person or online. Violations of this code of conduct will be reported appropriately. (This code of conduct is based on a template provided by the Geek Feminism Wiki.)

A word of advice

The importance of linear algebra within mathematics cannot be overstated, as it serves as the foundation of many more advanced topics. In order to master the material, I highly recommend active participation in the class, which can be achieved by watching my recorded lectures, attending class, solving the assigned homework problems, and preparing for midterms and the final exam.

Finally, I'd like to stress that discussion and collaboration are absolutely essential parts of mathematics. I encourage you to discuss the material with fellow students and in class together with me. Please don't hesitate to visit me in my office hours or contact me via email if you have any questions about class or any other concerns!

Table of contents


All lecture videos are collected in the channel MATH 416 Abstract Linear Algebra on the Illinois Media Space.

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