Some essential papers in quantum information theory

In a recent tweet I asked colleagues in quantum information theory about papers they consider must-reads in our field. There were many responses leading to a great list of papers that I want to collect here. They are listed below, sorted by year of appearance on the arXiv. This list does not claim to be a complete or definite list of important quantum information theory papers. It's merely a list of papers that came to the mind of quantum information theorists active on Twitter.

Please do let me know if there are any typos or dead links, either by email or as a direct message on Twitter. Many thanks to Victor V. Albert, Alvaro M. Alhambra, George Androulakis, Stephen Bartlett, Gemma De las Cuevas, Steve Flammia, David Gosset, Aram Harrow, Ryan LaRose, John Preskill, Annie Ray, Burak ┼×ahino─člu, Graeme Smith, John A. Smolin, Frank Verstraete, Mark M. Wilde, Beni Yoshida for your contributions!

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